Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Page One of Discipline to Learn (D2L)

Albert Einstein, Time Magazine's Man of the Century and a German born American Physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity said, "I never teach my pupils; I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn.”

Well, school year 2007-2008 has just started. Some kids are lucky to have attended the first day of school with all fees fully paid, new uniforms, signature bags and fat allowance.

Some are not as lucky. They are either attending the classes on promissory notes or totally shut out from school. They became the out of school youth.

Soon, assignments become a daily activity and exams, too. Students will surely have a tough time focusing on their school work because of the many distractions inside and outside of the school. There are many of them - cell phones, Nintendo, online games (aka computer activity), TV ( as usual) and junk food.

It is therefore a challenge now on how to create a proper environment for the kids to study and learn.

What must parents like us do to ensure that our children are able to make the most of their
school work? Or, how do we make the out of school youth productive in our homes and communities?

With this scenario, there is a compelling reason for me to start writing and sharing my own experiences in making kids like school and indulge in creative activities.

Today, I have written the first of the many pages or posts of "Discipline To Learn" which I may shorten to D2L . This blog are for parents, teachers, tutors, guardians and concerned Pinoys who may wish to develop a program of creating an environment to read and learn.

The D2L is not just a destination for success but a journey towards a fulfilled life for
our kids. D2L is not a text book of information but importantly my own practical experiences, interviews from academically successful persons and observations from a helicopter view on how kids "love to learn".

D2L is the roadmap for the journey. It ensures kids are fit to learn.

I hope that this D2L initiative be a starting community for learning. I am encouraging readers to share your insights and experiences on this subject matter.

(Discipline To Learn (D2L) 2007 is a copyright of E. Ricalde)